Press Releases

Local History Live! arrives at the Waterfront

Come along to the National Waterfront Museum this weekend (Sunday 3 July, 11am-4pm) and get to grips with Local History Live!

Organised by the Swansea Branch of the Historical Association, the focus of the day will be on the practice of local history research illustrated by local case studies.  There will also be traditional talks as well as a panel discussion with Steph Mastoris, Head of the National Waterfront Museum and leading figures from local projects.

Subjects and those attending include the History of Science in Swansea, the Sandfields Project, Oystermouth Historical Association, photographs and photography, Bryngold Books, the Robin Goch (built by Cardiffengineer Charles Horace Watkins in 1907 and one of the very few survivors of practical amateur pre-1914 aircraft) and much more. 

Speaking about the event, John Ashley from the Historical Association said: “This is an exciting opportunity to showcase Swansea’s place as a leader in local history research. Everyone will have the chance to meet and listen to some of the country’s leading experts.”

As well as Local History Live, save some time to enjoy the other events at the Museum on the same day including a craft fair and a performance by the Cancer Challenge Singers at 2.30pm.