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Nifer yn dangos yn ôl cyfnodau archaeolegol:

Saving Treasure (ST no.) Objects Period
ST2018.23 Early Medieval Silver Arm Ring Early Medieval
ST2018.22 Post Medieval coin group Post-Medieval
ST2018.21 Post Medieval silver hawking whistle Post-Medieval
2018.20 Roman coin hoard (87) Roman
2018.19 Gold thimble. Post-Medieval
2018.18 Medieval silver annular brooch. Medieval
2018.17 Post medieval silver seal matrix. Post-Medieval
2018.16 Post medieval silver-gilt finger ring. Post-Medieval
2018.15 Early medieval silver Anglo-Saxon strap-end. Early Medieval
2018.14 Post medieval silver gilt finger ring. Post-Medieval
2018.13 Post medieval silver-gilt dress hook. Post-Medieval
2018.12 Medieval silver annular brooch. Medieval
2018.11 Medieval silver annular brooch. Medieval
2018.10 Early medieval silver arm-ring chain. Early Medieval
2018.09 Medieval silver-gilt finger ring Medieval
2018.08 Medieval gold decorative finger ring Medieval
2018.07 Fragment of a silver medieval annular brooch Medieval
2018.06 A ribbed socketed axe fragment and a probable fragment of a plano-convex ingot, both of Late Bronze Age date Late Bronze Age
2018.05 Medieval silver annular brooch. Medieval
2018.04 Gold semi-worked fragment of probable Bronze Age date. Middle Bronze Age
2018.03 Silver penny of William Rufus, minted at Cardiff, 1090s. Medieval
2018.02 Two silver coins of Edward III of England (1327-1377) Medieval
2018.01 17th century gold posy ring Post-Medieval
2017.29 15th century silver spoon Medieval
2017.28 Coin association (4 coins - Henry VIII & Elizabeth) Post-Medieval
2017.27 Silver annular brooch Medieval
2017.26 Gold finger ring with Mercury intaglio Roman
2017.25 Silver gilt finger ring fragment Medieval
2017.24 Hoard (2 objects); bronze flat axe and bronze axe-chisel Early Bronze Age
2017.23 Silver gilt dress hook Post-Medieval
2017.22 Silver seal-matrix Post-Medieval
2017.21 Horse harness plate of gilded bronze decorated in Salin Style I Early Medieval
2017.20 Decorative finger-ring Medieval
2017.19 Hoard of silver and bronze coins (21) Roman
2017.18 Hoard of bronze socketed axes (9) Late Bronze Age
2017.17 Hoard of bronze socketed axes (6) Late Bronze Age
2017.16 Hoard of bronze socketed axes (5) and spearheads Late Bronze Age
2017.15 Silver gilt pin Post-Medieval
2017.14 Silver & niello annular brooch frame Medieval
2017.13 Hoard of socketed axes and spearhead (3) Late Bronze Age
2017.12 Gold fede ring Post-Medieval
2017.11 Silver-gilt ring fragment of medieval date Medieval
2017.10 Late 16th/early 17th century silver gilt posy ring Post-Medieval
2017.09 Iconographic gold finger ring Medieval
2017.08 14th century gold and sapphire ring Medieval
2017.07 Coin group (Edward I-III) Medieval
2017.06 Silver gilt finger ring Medieval
2017.05 Gold iconographic finger ring Medieval
2017.04 Silver annular brooch Medieval
2017.03 Hoard of 14 gold and silver coins Medieval
2017.02 Silver ingot Early Medieval
2017.01 16th/17th century silver seal matrix Post-Medieval
2016.46 Silver finger ring Medieval
2016.45 Medieval silver brooch pin Medieval
2016.44 Silver bodkin Post-Medieval
2016.43 Silver gilt fede ring Medieval
2016.42 Hoard of spearheads and socketed axes (5) Late Bronze Age
2016.41 Hoard of long-flanged axes (3) Early Bronze Age
2016.40 Hoard of axes & spearhead (3 objects) Early Bronze Age
2016.39 17th century silver gilt posy ring Post-Medieval
2016.38 Silver finger ring Medieval
2016.37 Hoard of gold and bronze objects (12 objects, 17 fragments) Middle Bronze Age
2016.36 Fragment of silver-gilt fede ring Medieval
2016.35 Gold early 18th century finger ring Post-Medieval
2016.34 17th century silver gilt posy ring Post-Medieval
2016.33 Late 16th/early 17th century gold posy ring Post-Medieval
2016.32 Silver signet ring Medieval
2016.31 Gold coin (1), & silver coins (14) Medieval
2016.30 Gold coin of Henry VII Medieval
2016.29 Silver gilt pendant cross Medieval
2016.28 16th century silver ring Post-Medieval
2016.27 Silver gilt posy ring fragment Post-Medieval
2016.26 Trefoil leaf pendant Medieval
2016.25 Devotional finger ring fragment Medieval
2016.24 Hoard (5 objects) Late Bronze Age
2016.23 17th century silver cockerel badge Post-Medieval
2016.22 Late 16th/early 17th century decorative gold posy ring Post-Medieval
2016.21 Gold decorated lock-ring Late Bronze Age
2016.20 Gold decorated lock-ring Late Bronze Age
2016.19 17th or 18th century silver gilt posy ring Post-Medieval
2016.18 Hoard of axes, tool and casting jet Late Bronze Age
2016.17 Annular brooch Medieval
2016.16 Collection Early Medieval
2016.15 Christ figure Medieval
2016.14 Collection Bronze Age - Post-Medieval
2016.13 Silver gilt iconographic finger ring Medieval
2016.12 Silver coin hoard (91 coins) Roman
2016.11 Finger-ring Medieval
2016.10 Silver finger-ring Medieval
2016.09 Late 17th century gold mourning ring. Post-Medieval
2016.08 Silver coin hoard of Edward III, Henry VII & patards from Burgundian Netherlands Medieval
2016.07 Two silver groats of Edward III Medieval
2016.06 Early 16th century gold necklace pendant Post-Medieval
2016.05 Silver gilt dress-fitting fragment Medieval
2016.04 17th century silver mount Post-Medieval
2016.03 Hoard of silver coins and ingots Early Medieval
2016.02 Silver signet ring with engraved merchant's mark Medieval
2016.01 Early 18th century gold mourning ring Post-Medieval
2015.14 17th century gold mourning ring Post-Medieval
2015.13 Coin hoard (17) Medieval
2015.12 17th century silver dress pin of bodkin type Post-Medieval
2015.11 Hoard (2) Late Bronze Age
2015.10 17th century gold posy ring Post-Medieval
2015.09 17th century silver dress pin of bodkin type Post-Medieval
2015.08 Annular brooch Medieval
2015.07 Hoard (4) Late Bronze Age
2015.06 Sword hilt guard Iron Age
2015.05 Tankard handle Iron Age
2015.04 Seal matrix Medieval
2015.03 Viking arm-ring Early Medieval
2015.02 16th century silver gilt heart-shaped pendant Post-Medieval
2015.01 6 coins, Elizabeth (1558-1603) and Charles I (1625-1649) Post-Medieval