Contact Details

Katherine Slade
Natural Sciences
National Museum Cardiff

Cathays Park
CF10 3NP

Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3242

Staff Name

Katherine Slade

Job Title

Curator: Botany (Lower Plants)

Areas of Responsibility:

Responsible for collections management of the lower plants in the Welsh National Herbarium (fungi, lichens, mosses, liverworts and algae) including the British Bryological Society UK herbarium. Manage specimen loans and data queries for this collection area. Research relating to the macroalgae collections and public engagement to a wide range of audiences. Coordination of the social media strategy of the Botany section and with a focus on improving digital access to the collections.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

BSc Hons Plant Biology, MSc Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants.  Co-editor of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland Welsh Bulletin since 2010. 

Research Interests

Research for Natural Science exhibitions and outreach events – and how the botany collections can be best displayed and used for these. This includes researching novel methods of display of seaweeds.

Research into existing and potential type specimens within lower plants for example in the Lewis Weston Dillwyn bound algal herbarium.


Selected Publications

Slade, K. 2015. The 3D slide collection at Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum Wales. Natur Cymru. Spring 2015, p44

Slade, K. 2015. Poster Presentation at Porcupine Marine Natural History Society AGM 2015: ‘Evidence for Non-native Seaweeds in Wales’

Slade K. 2014.

Alive or Dead: Resurrection Plants
. Friends of the National Museum of Wales Newsletter and Magazine, September 2014 issue. 13-14.

Slade K. & Whyman, S. 2014.  Report on the Guernsey seaweed fieldwork [PDF].  Porcupine Marine Natural History Society’s Newsletter, Spring 2014.

Slade K. 2014.  Historical recording of seaweeds in Guernsey [PDF]. Porcupine Marine Natural History Society’s Newsletter, Spring 2014.

Lughadha, E.N., Slade, K., Jennings, L., Boudet-Fernandes, H. & Lucas, E. 2010.  Three new species of Myrcia section Gomidesia (Myrtaceae) – from Espírito Santo, Brazil. Kew Bulletin, 65, 21-28.

Slade, K. & Rich, T.C.G. 2007. Pollen studies in British Hieracium sect. Alpina (Asteraceae) [PDF].  Watsonia, 26, 443-444.

Slade, K. & Rich, T.C.G. 2006.  Pollen studies in British Hieracium section Alpina [PDF]. In: Vreš, B. & Babij, V. (eds), 9th International Hieracium Workshop, Trenta (Julian Alps), Slovenia, 6–11 September, 2006.  Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology, Scientific Research Centre SASA, Ljubljana, p. 27.