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Food Festival - Case for Cooking

Spotlight on the Producers: Cathy and Pete, Case for Cooking

4 September 2020

We have asked some of the traders who were due to take part in this year's live event to answer our burning foodie questions, so that we can get to know the faces and stories behind these fantastic Welsh food and drink businesses.

The next company under the Spotlight is Case for Cooking, a husband and wife team from Carmarthen...

1) Describe your company in one sentence.
A husband and wife team on a mission to prove that spices don’t just mean fiery curries!

2) What inspired you to start your own food business?
We’ve always loved cooking and eating good home-cooked food. We know there are lots of excellent spice blends out there (we’ve probably eaten most of them!) but we’ve always wanted to put our own spin on things.

3) What is the best piece of advice you've received?
It’s hard to choose just one but this has been pinned to the noticeboard in our home office since we started the business: ‘Carrying around a list of everyone who thinks you’re not good enough is exhausting’. Wise words indeed.

4) How have you had to adapt your business during this time?
With no shows to go to, we’ve been spending a lot of time building our online presence, developing new products and creating new packaging options so that more of our spices will fit through the letterbox!

5) Who else on the food producer scene excites or inspires you currently?
There are lots to choose from but we’re always excited when we know that we’re going to bump into Hay Charcuterie, Sorai, Myrddin Heritage or Twirly Bakes.

6) What was your favourite childhood meal, and is it still the same?
For one of us it was spam, chips and beans and for the other probably dripping on toast with my nan so no, most definitely not still the same!!

7) Who would you invite to your private dinner party?
Just family and friends at the moment. We’ve really missed getting together with loved ones for good food and drink over the last few months.

8) What has been your go-to recipe during lockdown?
This might not strictly count as a recipe but the good weather at the start of lockdown meant a bumper salad crop in the garden so we’ve been eating our greens and creating lots of homemade dressings.