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The Drummer Boy

JOHN, Sir William Goscombe (1860 - 1952)

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Media: bronze

Size: 231.1 cm

Acquired: 1927; Gift; Sir William Goscombe John

Accession Number: NMW A 2627

The sculptor wrote in 1925 that this was one of his 'best and most popular works'. Goscombe John himself suggested its location in the Museum's entrance hall. The young soldier is a replica of a figure on the South African War memorial to the King's Regiment in Liverpool. A painted plaster model for the sculpture is on display in Gallery 7. Goscombe John described the boy, who, at the Battle of Dettingen of 1743 'seated on a battered earthwork and shouting to his comrades, beats a stirring and joyful call to arms, forgetful of all sorrow'.

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