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Bull-fight, Barcelona

KOPPEL, Heinz (1919 - 1980)

Bull-fight, Barcelona

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 141.3 x 278.5 cm

Acquired: 1976; Gift; John Lessore

Accession Number: NMW A 2854

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Marc Haynes Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
17 October 2018, 11:06
Dear Mr Kidman,

Thank you very much for your enquiry. We’re really sorry but our curators are only able to answer questions about the Museum’s collection at the moment. Your local auction house will be a good place to find out more about your paintings by Heinz Koppel.

Best wishes,

Digital Team
4 October 2018, 21:15

An enquiry

I have just bought 3 paintings of Kopple Hienz in a charity shop for @£5 pounds each

The paintings Re oil on canvas and possibly Paris

What are my painting worth is their any value in them?

22 October 2014, 13:15
This is very very good.
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