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The Shooting Stars

MILLET, Jean-Fran├žois (1814 - 1875)

The Shooting Stars

Media: oil on board

Size: 18.7 x 34.5 cm

Acquired: 1952; Bequest; Gwendoline Davies

Accession Number: NMW A 2476

Collection: The Davies Sisters Collection

This purely imaginary subject is unusual among Millet’s works. It refers to Dante’s Inferno which in one section describes the souls of the lustful being whirled endlessly around the skies of hell by a great gale. The epic poem was a common source of inspiration for artists and Millet here recognises this academic tradition. A later example is Auguste Rodin’s The Kiss.


Don Cwiklowski
9 March 2020, 13:34
I saw this yesterday at the St. Louis Art Museum. It's amazing. One of my favorites in the exhibition.
Sara Huws Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
16 February 2015, 13:47

Hi Ashley,

I have spoken to a colleague in the Art dept, and the date for this painting is noted as 1847-49.

Hope this helps!


Sara Huws
11 February 2015, 09:30
Hi Ashley,

I will pass your comment on to our Art Dept and post their response here when I have the information.

11 February 2015, 03:31
Does the museum have a suggested date for this work?
David Brian Armstrong
22 October 2013, 16:41
As advised above this is an evocation of a frequently produced motif, that of the tragic figures of Paolo and Francesca, in Dante's Inferno, murdered by Paolo's jealous brother Gianciotto and condemned to the stormy darkness of hell's second circle. Another very fine picture, in a highly ornamental carved frame,is that painted by Ary Scheffer in 1835, in the Wallace Collection. Originally in the collection of Anatole Demidoff, Prince of San Donato,it would be interesting to know if Millet was aware of the existence of this quite famous picture at the time he produced his version. The pose, although not the same, is not that dissimilar
Amgueddfa Cymru
6 August 2010, 16:21
Dear Jane - Thank you for your comment. Please visit the Print on Demand pages of our website for details on reproductions of this image:
6 August 2010, 16:19
I am wondering if it is possible to purchase a print of this wonderful painting? If so how do I go about it?
Amgueddfa Cymru Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
18 November 2008, 09:56
Dear Sarah, thank you for your comment -
The art galleries have a changing programme of displays which means that works are sometimes not on display. When the work is on display again Art Online will be updated with the gallery information.
sarah lewis
18 November 2008, 09:23
I love this painting and have done since I first started to visit the museum many years ago, I wonder why it is no longer on display?
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