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Portrait of a Lady

HALS, Frans (c.1581/5 - 1666), attributed to

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 77.4 x 63.0 cm

Acquired: 1963; Bequest; Margaret Davies

Accession Number: NMW A 25

Collection: The Davies Sisters Collection

This plump, middle-aged woman folds her hands contentedly and gazes out at us.  The loose brushwork in the hands suggests the work of the great Dutch master Frans Hals, who is best known for his vivacious portraits of wealthy citizens.  It was once thought that this was a portrait of the artist’s wife but now her identity is a mystery.   The picture seems to have been extended at the top.

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Amgueddfa Cymru
25 March 2013, 10:59
Dear Teddy,
Many thanks for your comment, and bringing this to our attention. We have now investigated this, and have updated our records with an updated birthdate, there is still some dispute about his date of birth, therefore we have amended to 1581/5.
Teddy Kiendl
22 March 2013, 08:06
There's some disagreement as to Frans Hals birth date and, yes, he did have a long life but he certainly didn't live live for 105 years. His correct birth should be around 1580-1583 giving him a long life but not a spectacularly long one.
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