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Edward Goodman of Ruthin (1476-1560)

BRITISH SCHOOL, 16th century

Edward Goodman of Ruthin (1476-1560)

Media: oil on panel

Size: 56.4 x 44.8 cm

Acquired: 1930; Bequest; The Hon. Mrs Lawrence Brodrick

Accession Number: NMW A 3450

Edward Goodman wears a square cap and scarlet, fur-trimmed gown, fitting for a prosperous tradesman. His portrait is full of symbols which refer to the newly-established Protestant beliefs of that time. He holds a scroll inscribed ‘fferen pawb yn i galon’ (’Each man’s prayer is in his heart’). This refers to the core Protestant belief that all Christians should be allowed to praise God directly, rather than through a priest. Two mottoes also appear at the top right: ‘HEB DDVW HEB DDIM/ DVW A DIGON’ (‘Without God, without anything/ God is enough’). This is followed by 'BE HVMBL AND MEEKE/ SOBRIE IVSTE PIE' ('Be humble and meek/ Soberly, justly, piously’).


Marc Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
14 June 2018, 14:49

Hi Evan,

Thank you very much for bringing this error to our attention. We will correct it in the online text (though there might be a slight lag before the correction appears, so please bear with us) and on the label in the gallery.

Best wishes,

Digital Team

Evan Jones
7 June 2018, 20:45
The scroll's inscription reads "galon" not gallon, just look at the scroll. The National Museum of Wales makes the same blunder.
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