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Towards Lavernock Winter / Spring '93/94

SETCH, Terry (1936 - )

(We are not able to provide an image for this item at this time. This is either due to copyright restrictions, or because the item is awaiting digitisation. We apologise for any inconvenience.)

Date: 1994

Media: mixed media on board

Size: 243.0 x 487.0 cm

Acquired: 1997; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 5625

The artist has used sand, mud, oil and rubbish washed up on the beach at Penarth as well as more familiar drawing and painting materials. Embedded in the panels are eight versions of another artist's response to the same landscape: Sisley's The cliff at Penarth of 1897 (on display in Gallery 13). The inherent physical instability of Setch's painting intensifies his themes of passing time, the fragility of the coastal environment and its constant transformation.

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