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Sir Edward (1529-1609) and Lady Agnes Stradlinge (1547-1624)

BRITISH SCHOOL, 16th Century

Sir Edward (1529-1609) and Lady Agnes Stradlinge (1547-1624)

Date: 1590

Media: oil on panel

Size: 108.2 x 77.2 cm

Acquired: 1992; Loan; Church in Wales

Accession Number: NMW A(L) 803

This panel shows Sir Edward Stradlinge (1529-1609) who transferred his ancestors' remains to the church of St Donat's, and commisioned these commemorative panels. He also erected a polychrome marble tomb for himself and his wife Agnes, daughter of Sir Edward Gage (Comptroller of the Household of Henry VIII). They are depicted together here also, and are shown in contemporary costume, carrying prayer books. His motto VERTUES HOLE PRAISE CONSISTETH IN DOING is inscribed at the top. Edward was educated at Oxford and was renowned as an antiqurian, genealogist and a Welsh scholar, who paid for the publication o Sion Dafydd Rhys's grammar Cambrobrytannicae Linguae Institutiones in 1592.


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