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Lighthouse outside Cardiff Docks

SHORT, Richard (1841 - 1916)

Lighthouse outside Cardiff Docks

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 20.3 x 47.1 cm

Acquired: 1985; Gift; W.C. Fox

Accession Number: NMW A 1677


Brian Stephens
14 February 2012, 13:44
Further to my previous comment: I was prepared to donate our painting to the Maritime and Industrial Museum to be exhibited at the top of the staircase facing Penarth. Sadly the museum was sold and destroyed and the contents scattered. Shame!
Brian Stephens
14 February 2012, 13:40
We have a painting by Short painted from the same viewpoint as the work above. It was rather ingenious because he managed to get in not only Penarth Head, with the St. Augustine's church, but also Flat and Steep Holms. The painting featured a small fishing boat bobbing up and down on the rough sea outside Cardif Docks There is an almost identical painting in the Council Chamber at West House Penarth.

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