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Bad News (The Parting)

TISSOT, James (1836 - 1902)

Bad News (The Parting)

Date: 1872

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 68.6 x 91.4 cm

Acquired: 1882; Bequest; William Menelaus

Accession Number: NMW A 184

Born in Nantes, Tissot studied in Paris and spent the years 1871-82 in England. He occupies a place in the British 'Modern Life' genre movement, as well as a position on the fringes of French Impressionism. This is one of a series of pictures inspired by eighteenth-century British art, which rearrange costumed models and props before a landscape viewed through a bay window. In 1874 Tissot had such a bay window installed in his London studio.


8 February 2021, 11:52
I have a small painting by James Tissot
Titled. The Parting
I note that Bristol museum has also
What are the details about this painting
Thank you
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