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Thomas ap Ieuan ap David of Arddynwent (b.1560)

BRITISH SCHOOL, 17th century

Thomas ap Ieuan ap David of Arddynwent (b.1560)

Media: oil on panel

Size: 67.5 x 54.3 cm

Acquired: 1996; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 3691

In this highly religious time, life on earth was considered a preparation for the afterlife. Here Thomas ap Ieuan of Arddynwent, Flintshire, pleads for salvation with the inscription Resvrgam (May I rise again). The robin symbolizes Christ’s Resurrection – its red chest was believed to have been pierced by the crown of thorns. The coat of arms documents Thomas’s ancestry, which includes the Davies family of Gwysaney.  

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10 February 2014, 05:57
Dear Sir or Madam: I wonder if you can kindly steer me in the correct direction of my "EVANS" family genealogy? This is a "possible " relation? My 8th gg-grandfather was William Evans, a Quaker who moved from Wales to Oxfordshire, England, where he worked as a carpenter.
He married Jane Hodges in a 1663 Banbury Society of Friends ceremony. They had two children in and near Oxfordshire, England; 1664 Thomas Evans, and 1668 William Evans, my 7th gg-grandfather. The entire family emigrated to Evesham, West New Jersey on the ship "Amity" in 1682.
I had thought that my 9th gg-grandfather was named Thomas married to Anne Powel? Have also heard the name "Thomas ap Ieuan" mentioned as a possible, but no documentation to prove this. Thank you for any kind guidance you may afford me.
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