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Fighting Horses

WARD, James (1769 - 1859)

Fighting Horses

Date: 1808

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 100.3 x 135.9 cm

Acquired: 1971; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 468

In 1803 Ward saw A View of the Château de Steen by Rubens, then the property of Sir George Beaumont. In the pictures such as this, shown at the Royal Academy in 1808, he emulated the fluid, expressive technique of the Flemish master. Unlike Rubens, he was fascinated by the ferocity of horses fighting - a classical theme revived in the Renaissance and most recently treated by George Stubbs. Here the stallions represent unbridled passion and natural instinct.


Bob Madden
12 March 2015, 16:57

The last time I saw this painting was late 1960s, It was hanging in the Flying Horse hotel
NOTTINGHAM. I was delighted to see it again

Bob Madden
18 March 2012, 22:16
I've been to the museum many times. This is the painting that has always captured my imagination since the first time I saw it. Outstanding.
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