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Love Parry III (1720-1778)

BRITISH SCHOOL, 18th century

Love Parry III (1720-1778)

Date: 1731

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 73.7 x 63.3 cm

Acquired: 1930; Gift; F. Emile Andrews

Accession Number: NMW A 3505

Love Parry III was the grandson of the great churchman and preacher, 'Love-God' Parry (1654-1707) and the son of Love Parry(1696-1778). It was he who brought the house Madryn to the Parry family by his marriage to Sidney Hughes who came from a rich Beaumaris family. They had a son, another Love, who did not survive childhood and the Madryn estate passed to their daughter, Margaret, who married her cousin Thomas Parry Jones-Parry.

Love Parry III is shown here as a young boy with a hawk. The inscription reveals that he was 11 years old when he was painted on August 3 1731. The artist is unknown but is clearly a skilled bird painter. The sitter wears somewhat dated costume, reminiscent of the late 1690s.

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