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Date: 1815-1816

Media: silver

Size: h(cm) : 61 x l(cm) : 95.2 x w(cm) : 66

Acquired: 1997; Gift; British Coal Corporation

Accession Number: NMW A 51210

This massive piece of Regency plate was presented by the county of Denbigh to Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 5th baronet. The vase commemorated his service during the Irish Rebellion of 1798 and in southern France in 1814. From 1948, the vase was used as the Mitchell-Hedges trophy for the National Coal Board's first aid competition.


Hugh miller
18 January 2021, 18:27
First Scottish winners Easton Colliery of which I was a member
Hugh miller
18 January 2021, 18:27
First Scottish winners Easton Colliery of which I was a member
Nia Evans Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
18 November 2020, 15:56

Dear Mr Elliot,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. I have responded directly to you via the email address you provided.

Kind regards,

(Digital team)

David Hall Elliott
11 October 2020, 18:12
Nia, hope you and the team are well,its a while since I contacted the museum, I hear Sara has gone to the university. reading the comments its good to see others have added their views. I hope something can be arranged for a visit as Vic Perrin has allready mentioned.Please keep me informed and thanks Dave Elliott, member of the Westoe Colliery first aid team,Mitchell and Hedges winners 1982.
8 July 2020, 14:50
I was one of the set builders for the finals.
1974 onwards.
Normally held at scarborough...occasionally at blackpool and manchester.
Blidworth colliery north notts plus a south yorks colliery were the regular set builders.
Mick gregory blidworth colliery.
Happy memories
Nia Meleri Evans Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
7 July 2020, 17:04

Dear Vic Perrin,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. I'm afraid Sara no longer works at the Museum. I'll try and help best I can. I have contacted a few of my colleagues who will hopefully be able to advise on the process of organising a visit to the museum and any facilities available to host the reunion. Just to let you know that a number of our staff are currently on furlough, so it might take a little longer than usual for us to get back to you.

Many thanks,

(Digital team)

Vic Perrin
2 July 2020, 11:57
Hi Sara, There is a lot of interest being shown for a reunion of the guys who used to compete in the NCB First Aid Finals for the Mitchell Hedges trophy. I understand that under the current Covid restrictions such a reunion would be difficult at the moment. If enough interest is shown would we be able to visit you to have a last look at the trophy. Do you have any facilities to host such a reunion or recommend a nearby facility if we get this off the ground.

Vic perrin
Steve Butterfield
10 October 2016, 21:10
I was a member of Allerton Bywater Colliery First Aid Team
Winners in 1985 & 1986
Dave Farham
22 February 2016, 11:58
I was honoured to be part of the Westoe Colliery winning team in 1982. The records have me down as instructor but even though l helped them train the team actually trained a lot themselves and the late George Yates was the instructor. The team very nobly put George as reserve and myself Dave Farham as Instructor. Why you may ask? I was a member of Westoe Colliery B team and I was diagnosed with MS in 1982. I believe that the team knew that because of my condition I would never get another chance to go to the First Aid National Finals. In actual fact I was never able to take part in competitive First Aid again. It was unbelievably noble of them to let me be part of their team and I am forever grateful to them all. To Dave Elliott, Bob Meston, Terry Boyce, Alec Lynn (deceased) and George Yates (deceased) thank you so much for letting me be part of your fantastic achievement and giving me some wonderful memories
Rob Meston
20 February 2016, 21:57
Thanks to Dave Elliott who directed me to this site, I was a member of the winning team from Westoe Colliery in 1982. It is nice to hear of Vic Perrin again
after quite a few years, Vic was Captain of a great bunch of lads from Lea Hall Colliery. Some of the Teams that really impressed me over the years were
Bolsover, Grimethorpe, Markam, Parkside, Dawdon and Bilston Glen. Happy days, and it wonderful to have a reunion.
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