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In the Tradition of Smiling Angels

In the Tradition of Smiling Angels

Date: 2007

Media: terracotta, gold lustre

Size: h(cm) : 78 x w(cm) : 50 when assembled x d(cm) : 2

Acquired: 2009; Purchase - ass. of Derek Williams Trust

Accession Number: NMW A 39104

'The Angels represent a grand presence. They are messengers, bringers of news, good or bad. They serve as a reminder of our mortality with a comforting presence. Terracotta is warm and has associations with the ground. It is ordinary and commonplace and therefore imparts a sense of belonging. This contrasts with the use of gold which carries meaning of high value and status. This work explores the idea of the importance of the ordinary existing alongside with the extraordinary' (Clare Curneen).


Wendy broom
16 May 2015, 23:59
Hi Claire. I went to visit your angels last week and I was transfixed by them. They have a real presence and I have mostly felt this to be benign and kindly, and at times comforting. They are wonderful. I like the way they are communicating with each other too. I bought a post card of them and I find I keep looking at them.
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