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vase (vase à etoiles)

vase (vase à etoiles)

Date: 1772 ca

Media: soft-paste porcelain

Size: h(cm) : 35 x l(cm) : 17.5 x w(cm) : 15.2,h(cm) : 3

Acquired: 1982; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 30090

The shape of this vase and the grey monochrome grisaillepainting reflect the taste for neo-classical design that became popular in France from the 1760s. The grisaille painting was inspired by low-relief sculpture in the classical style. Few examples of this shape survive and it is found in two variants, one with a six-pointed star within the ovals on the cover (which explains its name, vase à étoiles), the other with an eight-petalled flower. This vase has an incised mark 'Bl', attributed to Jean-Matthieu Blard. Blard, an anseur and tourneur (responsible for adding handles and for throwing objects in a mould), died in June 1772, suggesting a date of about 1772 for this vase.
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