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Date: 1862 ca.

Media: oak, pine, brass

Size: h(cm) : 114.1 x l(cm) : 104.7 x d(cm) : 70.6,h(cm)

Acquired: 1982; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 50583

The desk is one of several pieces designed by Seddon that were shown at the 1862 International Exhibition in London. It was one of the major works in the Mediaeval Court, organised by Seddon’s friend, the architect William Burges. Comparing the desk to the brightly painted furniture in the Mediaeval Court, Burges was not entirely complimentary. He notes that Seddon introduced colour ‘by means of marquetry… the effect is excellent, and the furniture is less liable, from its materials, to be injured than that above named. But here a curious fact is to be noticed. All Messrs. Prichard [his business partner] and Seddon's work which has painted figure-panels looks well…but the little writing-table, where only marquetry is employed, by no means comes up to the mark of the others.’

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