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Date: 1930

Media: glass

Size: h(cm) : 10.2 x diam(cm) : 18.9 x h(in) : 4,h(cm) :

Acquired: 1973; Gift; Mlle Florence Marinot

Accession Number: NMW A 50734

Maurice Marinot was a pioneer in the development of glass as a studio art form. He began his career as a painter, one of the Fauves (‘Wild Beasts’) of French art, whose bold use of pure colour earned them the nickname. Marinot made unique pieces, created using hand-methods and without the use of moulds. Using the full range of glassmaking skills, he blew and worked the hot glass, acid-etched and wheel-cut it when cold. He encased coloured glass within clear glass like geological strata. He created the effect of cracked ice by plunging hot glass into cold water, or a suggestion of moving water through the careful control of air bubbles.

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