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Date: 1903 ca

Media: enamel, salt-glaze stoneware

Size: h(cm) : 28.9 x w(cm) : 15.5 x diam(cm) : 15.1,h(cm

Acquired: 2002; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 36250

This jug’s abstract geometric pattern is typical of Jugendstil, the German equivalent of the Art Nouveau style. The jug was possibly made by being thrown inside a mould carved with the design. It may originally have had a pewter lid. In the late nineteenth century Gerz was one of several Westerwald potteries producing stonewares in the German Renaissance style. The Paris Centennial Exhibition of 1900 made it clear that their products were out of date. They engaged leading avant-garde architect-designers like Peter Behrens (1868-1940), who injected a modern spirit into their designs. In addition to ceramics, Behrens designed metalwork, electrical appliances and graphics.


Graham Dry
5 March 2022, 16:16
Not by Behrens, but by Karl Görig, Darmstadt, ca. 1905 - cf. similar jugs illustrated in Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, Darmstadt 1905, which I do not have to hand. Not Behrens style at all, too much obvious historicism in the design. Alas, an attribution posing as a certainty in the exhibition catalogue 'Eine neue Ära', unfortuntaely taken up by just about everyone.
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