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Date: 1769 ca.

Media: brass, earthenware, Sheffield plate

Size: h(cm) : 20.3 x h(in) : 8 x l(cm) handle to lip : 1

Acquired: 2011; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 39168

The initials below the spout and the arms to the reverse are for Robert Wynne (1732-1798), the owner of the Garthewin estate at Llanfair Talhaiarn, near Abergele in Denbighshire. Wynne was obviously a man of sophisticated taste as he commissioned Thomas Gainsborough to paint portraits of himself and his wife in the mid 1760s. The manufacturer of the jug is not known. Cold painted decoration of this type is not normally found on Jackfield wares and it may have been applied away from the place of manufacture. It is tempting to suggest manufacture by the Swansea pottery, founded only a few years earlier. However, the position of Garthewin only a few miles away from the North Wales coast makes a Staffordshire origin for the jug just as likely.

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