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Date: Late 18th century

Media: tin-plate

Size: h(cm) : 10.6 with cover x l(cm) : 8.5 x w(cm) : 6.

Acquired: 1910; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 50041

The Allgood family began making japanned ware in Pontypool around 1730. In 1763, a family dispute led to Thomas and Edward Allgood setting up a rival business in Usk. The new factory was in New Market Street next to the George Inn. The competition between the Pontypool and Usk establishments was played out in the press, each side claiming superiority in advertisements. In the Bristol Journal of Saturday 6 August 1763 the Pontypool factory challenged the Usk Allgoods to a £50 wager, the winner to be the factory whose products experts would judge best. The Usk Allgoods refused, describing their rivals as ‘these mere some cunning raw stripling challenging some noted hero.’
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