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The Weaver

GONCHAROVA, Natalia (1881 - 1962)

The Weaver

Date: 1910

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 154. 4 x 99.8 cm

Acquired: 1975; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 2056

The daughter of an architect, Goncharova studied art at Moscow, where she met her lifetime companion, the painter Mikhail Larionov. In 1911 Goncharova made her first designs for Diaghilev's Russian ballet and in 1917 she settled permanently in Paris. This vibrant Futurist composition of 1912-13 depicts a woman in a headscarf leaning over an industrial loom, illuminated by an electric light.

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Jennifer Dudley Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
14 April 2022, 14:24

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your comment. This work is in store currently. We can now allow pre-arranged visits to our art stores again following the relaxing of covid restrictions. Please email us at to arrange this, providing at least two weeks' notice of the date of your anticipated visit.

With best wishes,
Jennifer Dudley
Curator: Art Collections Management and Access

5 April 2022, 22:42
Is The Weaver currently on show ?
Would be great to be able to view it over the Easter holidays
Jennifer Dudley Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
29 September 2021, 14:29

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your enquiry. This work is usually on display in Gallery 14. However, due to ongoing social distancing rules as well as building works at the Museum, this gallery is currently closed to the public. We recognise that there are some really popular modern and contemporary artworks in this gallery – as restrictions ease and when building work is completed, we will be able to open more galleries, giving greater access to our world-class collections once again.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Dudley
Curator: Art Collections Management and Access

19 September 2021, 23:18
Is The Weaver on display at the moment? I'm visiting later this month and would love to see it.
Melanie, Art Dept.
4 December 2018, 11:52
Hi Mari,

While general expert opinion confirms the date as 1912-13, Goncharova (sometimes the spelling includes a ‘t’) actually dated the work on the reverse of the painting as 1910. As it does not appear to be listed in Eli Eganbury’s 'List of Works of Natalia Gontcharova and Mikhail Larionov 1900-1913' (Moscow, 1913), it is presumed she painted it after Eganbury’s work went to print. It was exhibited at her first Paris exhibition in June 1914 as 'La Machine et la Femme' (1912). It is believed she added this date some years later from memory and incorrectly dated her own work.

28 November 2018, 12:16
Shouldn't the date be 1912-13?
Sara Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
7 December 2015, 09:38

Hi Despairing,

Just to follow up, you can see this painting in gallery 14 at National Museum Cardiff. You can visit for free, there's more information on our Visit Us page.

Thanks for your enquiry,

Digital Team

Sara Huws Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
2 December 2015, 09:19

Dear Despairing,

I will pass your enquiry on to the Art Department, and post their response here.

Many thanks for your enquiry,

Digital Team

Despairing English person.
1 December 2015, 21:55
Is this picture on show? It's not obvious from this web page.
Peter Maskrey
1 May 2012, 10:13
Perhaps my favourite painting of the collection which I would view regulary before the recent renovations. I hope that the work will be brought back on display soon.
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