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Colonel Thomas Aubrey (1740-1814)

HONE, Nathaniel (1718 - 1784)

Colonel Thomas Aubrey (1740-1814)

Date: 1772

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 91.0 x 72.4 cm

Acquired: 1948; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 101

Thomas Aubrey (1740-1814) was a Lieutenant in the 4th Foot from 1766 to 1771, and wears that uniform here despite having been promoted to Captain in another regiment. A younger son of Sir Thomas Aubrey of Llantrithyd, Glamorgan, he later served in Michigan during the American War of Independence, and was a Member of Parliament for Wallingford between 1784 and 1790. Hone, an Irishman and founder member of the RoyalAcademy, had a successful career in London as a painter of portraits which are often notable for their brightness.

Comments (4)

Amgueddfa Cymru
26 September 2014, 16:15
Dear Nesta, thank you for you comment.
This artwork is currently on display at National Museum Cardiff in the 'Art in Wales 1700-1800 gallery.
Thank you for your interest in Amgueddfa Cymru
Dr Nesta Butler
26 September 2014, 14:51
To whom it may concern, I wonder is Hone's portrait of Aubrey on display. Also is it in Cardiff? I would like to see the portrait as I am researching the life and work of Nathaniel Hone the elder, All the best, Nesta
Bruce Venter
13 August 2014, 21:13
Our summer home on Lake George, NY faces Diamond Island which Capt. Aubrey defended on Sept. 24, 1777 against Americans under Col. John Brown. Aubrey had two companies of the 47th Foot on the island. It was a supply depot for Gen. Burgoyne during his campaign of 1777. His defense was successful although Burgoyne's campaign was not. I wrote an article on the battle for "Patriots of the American Revolution" magazine a few years ago.
michael donachie
4 August 2008, 09:28
Thank you for such a good search experience and quality of images.
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