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IBBETSON, Julius Caesar (1759 - 1817)

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 35.5 x 52.0 cm

Acquired: 1953; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 504

Llangollen stands on the Dee, close to Vale Crucis Abbey and the Castle of Dinas Bran. Since 1778 it had been the home of Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Sarah Ponsonby, the celebrated Ladies of Llangollen. Their cottage, Plas Newydd, was much visited. Ibbetson depicts women spinning and winding wool in front of the church of St Collen, a typical scene of rural life in a town of which Thomas Pennant wrote 'I know of no place in North Wales where the refined lover of picturesque scenes, the sentimental, or the romantic tourist can give in to a fuller indulgence.'

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Sara Huws Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
21 November 2016, 10:56

Hi there Ryan,

I would suggest contacting our Curatorial Library here at National Museum Cardiff, as they might have sources about Llangollen.

The Welsh Dictionary of Biography has an entry on Pennant which might give you a few leads.

Thanks for enquiry - hope you have a great visit to Llangollen!


Ryan Jenner
21 November 2016, 00:25
I read this e-mail with great interest.

I've been asked to organise a day or one-night visit to Langollen from the base of the Thomas Pennant Society in Whitford, Flints.

I will need to research for info about any connections with Pennant so that I can surprise those in the society who think they know everything about both Llangollen and him!!

a) Can you suggest any avenues, and

b) can you suggest any organisations I should contact. I'm sure a note to the library and one to the Historical Society if it exists would be a start???????

Thank you in anticipation.

Ryan Jenner
Cymdeithas Thomas Pennant
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