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Beshlie Heron (aka Clarissa)

JOHN, Augustus (1878 - 1961)

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Date: 1950's

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 107.0 x 71.5 cm

Acquired: 1972; Purchase

Accession Number: NMW A 4903


Vivienne de Mendes Harris
23 June 2018, 15:33
Came upon your website today while searching for information on Beshlie Heron. I am so lucky to have an extensive collection of her work dating from the 1970’s. Delightful watercolours used to illustrate her books and exquisite pen and watercolour studies of wild flowers, annotated with their common country names.
I would love to know what became of her. She showed such wonderful attention to the smallest of details. Each time I look closely at the pictures there is always something new - a little surprise waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Dolores Merchant
17 June 2018, 00:06

I have two drawings by Beshlie. Mainly a mouse on both just going about and enjoying the wild flowers .
Adele Hale
17 June 2017, 18:21
Do you have any interest in an 8 x 10 matted print entitled, "DRESSING UP?' pictures available.

Thank you.

sue matthews
3 May 2017, 18:31
Dear Mr. ONeil - I note with interest that you collect Beshlie paintings. I have a lovely framed picture of The Conish Fisherats which we bought having gone up toLondon for an exhibition of her work in the 70s. Ive no idea what it is worth but I love it dearly. Her work was quite extaordinary as one never tires of looking at the incredible detail. I do not seem able to find out what happened to this amazing woman and just wonder if you have any idea. I am not very good at the inernet and stumbled on your posting by accident. As it is 2 years old I dont suppose this will reach you but heres hoping. Yours sue matthews
Terry O'Neil
10 October 2015, 05:31
I have seen this fine painting, but not in the flesh. Is it available to view ? If so where ?
I collect the art of Beshlie.Her work of British wildlife is quite exceptional.She has carefully observed over many years, living close to nature.She has my utmost admiration.
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