Crystals and minerals of Wales

Minerals have played a major role in the economic and social development of Wales since the

Bronze Age. Since these ancient times, mineral outcrops and mines have been worked throughout Wales; by Romans and Cistercian Monks, and on into the heyday of Welsh metal mining in the mid nineteenth century, when virtually every outcropping vein or fault was tried by the drivage of adits or the sinking of shallow shafts.

There are currently around 4,900 officially recognized mineral species known to occur globally, of which, 430 have been confirmed from Wales.

Here we present a gallery of Welsh minerals for you to enjoy the incredible colours, forms and lustre of these magnificent museum specimens.

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11 April 2022, 13:37
Hi, I've found according to Google, samples of Preceli golden healer quartz and snow quartz in my paddock. How can I officially identify them.
Kindest regards Julie
7 November 2021, 20:56
hello there i've been holding on to some sort of stone for the last few years the stone look really rear and i would love to know more about it.
just wondering who would be the best person to contact to take a look at it the stone is approximately 50mm x 50mm and looks very unique thanks for your time
11 August 2021, 15:54
Where can I get a crystal stone tested and verified? Kind regards, Iestyn.
Rose Gadsby
2 August 2021, 13:16
Hi, about a year ago while walking along a beach in west wales I found some sort of crystal. I think it's called a quartz cluster? I'd love some clarification!

Thanks for your time,
Jalal ahmed
1 August 2021, 10:17
Hi I noticed there is hardly any findings in the North wales regions, although the terrain suggests its very mountainous which obviously means volcanic activity took place.

I am going to start a venture soon to hunt for crystals I'm the North wales Region is there is prospective locations you would suggest to look into or recommend please
Matthew Keylock
19 April 2021, 19:45

I have found what I believe is an Amethyst Crystal on a bridal path in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire.

I maybe wrong but I didn’t think Amethyst existed naturally in Wales??

Please Help.

5 April 2021, 19:23
I found an unusually heavy rock with very glittery look which seems to polarise the light reflecting off it. It looks black but takes on an indigo hue under sun light and glitters in one direction with silver light. It is slightly magnetic. It's very strange looking very different to anything I've seen before and noticeably heavy. If I could get some help identifying it I would be very grateful.
Marc Haynes Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
23 February 2021, 09:57

Dear Sue Tansley,

Thank you very much for contacting us about your find. Our Curator of Petrology will get in touch with you, via the email address you have provided.

Best wishes,

Digital Team

Sue Tansley
20 February 2021, 11:05
I recently found a piece of blue/ grey veined granite with golden sparkles speckled on its surface. It caught my eye whilst walking on the beach at the mouth of the mawddach estuary opposite Barmouth at Fairbourne , can I send a photograph for identification. Or can you help me identify what I’ve found. Many thanks .
Lewis Scarff
24 January 2021, 21:42
Hi i could use your hrlp identifying some gems could i send some photos please

Many thanks