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Rhodri Edwards, 1 September 2021

Hello, I’m Rhodri Edwards and I’ve been e-volunteering with the National Museum Wales since January 2021. I’m currently studying A Levels in History, English Literature and Geography at Aberaeron Comprehensive School. I’ve been helping the History and Archaeology Department at St Fagans National Museum of History to transcribe some questionnaires that detail life in Wales from the 1930s to the 1980s. Everyone at the National Museum Wales has been extremely helpful and friendly, especially my supervisor Sioned Williams who always responds quickly to any queries I have and kindly offers lots of advice and support. Sioned gave a training session when I began which introduced us to the volunteering work, giving helpful tips such as using the word [sic] behind any spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes and putting question marks after any words that we are unsure of, which allows us to work effectively, independently and at our own pace. Through transcribing some of the questionnaires, I’ve learned a lot about the social history and heritage of my local area such as the agricultural and farming way of life, farmhouse features, what types of food farming families often produced and ate, for example dairy products like cream and cheese. Reading about people’s experiences has brought history to life for me and it is interesting to see how Welsh dialect has changed since the 1930s. I enjoy volunteering and working with the National Museum Wales, attending Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings where I listen to the experiences of other volunteers about what they have learned and discovered when they have been transcribing the historical questionnaires. Meeting other people working and volunteering for the National Museum Wales, joining events thoughtfully arranged by the National Museum Wales such as the virtual parties on Eventbrite and receiving a volunteering pack have all helped make me feel a valued part of the National Museum Wales. I’ve developed my proofreading skills by transcribing questionnaires and I’ve gained a greater insight into the subject of History which has provided me with valuable experience. Thank you very much to everyone for all their help and support, I appreciate the opportunity to be a volunteer at the National Museum Wales.

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