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Skills Development Placement at St Fagans

Chloe Ward, 13 December 2023

Harri recently finished a Skills Development Placement at St Fagans National Museum of History, where he shadowed our Front of House staff one day week for 6 months. The placements offer workplace experience for people 16+ who have barriers to work, allowing them an opportunity to build skills and confidence. In St Fagans, we specifically support individuals who are bilingual and Welsh speaking for front of house skills development placement roles.

Before Harri finished, we caught him for a chat to see what it was like taking part in a skills development placement at St Fagans! Here’s what he said: 


How did you get involved in a Skills Development Placement with us at Amgueddfa Cymru? 

I started in September 2022. I helped out with the Food Festival at St Fagans and Lauren from Elite Employment Support put me in touch with the Volunteering & Placements department. I met with the team at St Fagans. I am bilingual and it’s an added bonus that I could use my Welsh whilst on placement. 


What did you do whilst on placement? 

I started in the galleries for 2 hours. I felt the need to extend my hours to 10.00-3.00, which was just right. 

Whilst on the galleries I helped the Museum Assistants by using the clicker to count people’s attendance. 

Sometimes I would help Will clean any spillages on the galleries. 

I spent a day with Ryland – I remember travelling with him on the buggy to the castle, that was fun! We made sure the garden and the surroundings were tidy. 


What did you learn during your time at St Fagans? 

I learned team working skills and learned about the museum itself. Communication with the Museum Assistants. If I was ever unsure what to say to visitors, I would get advice from the Museum Assistants. Speaking to Bryn (a member of staff at St Fagans) was very insightful into the history. 


What did you enjoy about your experience? 


For example, I bought some bread from the bakery and my parents and brother were delighted.

For me I just felt more relaxed and that I’m at home here. I was introduced to lots of Museum Assistants, they were very interesting, chatty, friendly, and endearing. 


A big thank you to Harri for chatting to us about his time at St Fagans. He has now been successfully recruited as a pool staff member for the shop at St Fagans - so a big congratulations! 


Chloe Ward

Volunteer Co-ordinator
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