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Event: Môrwelion/The Sea Horizon Creative Workshops

National Museum Cardiff
30 August 2023 , 12:00-14:00
Cost Free
Suitability 16+

The Sea Horizon, No. 18, 1976-77

© Garry Fabian Miller

Join us for a series of creative workshops inspired by our Sea Horizon exhibition.  Delve deeper into the photographs by Garry Fabian Miller of the Severn Estuary and coastline of Wales through poetry and writing. Each workshop is led by an academic specialist from the Image Works research group at Cardiff University. 


Workshop 4: 30 August 2023, 12-2pm

Lead: Dr. Sophie Buchaillard, Senior Fellow, Cardiff University

Title: Imagined Travels: A Sea Horizon Journey

Format: Writing Workshop

Duration: 2 hours

Description: For centuries, the sea has inspired sailors and other travellers to embark on distant journeys. Taking inspiration from The Sea Horizon exhibit by Garry Fabian Miller, we will explore the theme of imagined travels beyond the horizon. This workshop will invite participants to experiment with modern forms of travel writing (non-fiction and fiction), where the journey becomes a metaphor for inner quest.

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