Bronze Age Gold from Wales

Early Bronze Age gold lunula

Decorated gold lanula, 2200-2000 BCE. One of the earliest gold ornaments from Wales. It was probably a ceremonial piece. Lunulae are commonly found in Ireland but recent scientific research suggests that many Irish lunulae were made using Cornish gold. The decoration on this lunula is similar to the decoration on a number of Beaker pottery vessels from Wales.

Lunula of 'Provincial' type, with normal transverse end-plates and finely incised geometric ornament towards the tips of the horns.

Project Title: Gold in Britain’s auriferous regions, 2450-800 BC: towards a coherent Research Framework and Strategy. Status: Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Network Grant funded project (2018-2019)

WA_SC 18.1

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Site Name: Llecheiddior-uchaf (aka Llanllyfni), Dolbenmaen

Notes: found in a bog on the farm


(): diameter / mm:240.0
(): thickness / mm:<1.0
(): weight / g:185.4




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