Bronze Age Gold from Wales

Bronze Age gold jewellery fragment

This is one of two refitting pieces of a possible gold penannular link, formed of a plain, rectangular-sectioned bar, curved and bent into a flattened oval form. It has sub-rounded, unexpanded terminals. The link has been sawed into two pieces in antiquity.

Project Title: Gold in Britain’s auriferous regions, 2450-800 BC: towards a coherent Research Framework and Strategy. Status: Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Network Grant funded project (2018-2019)

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Site Name: Craig-yr-Wolf, Llanarmon-yn-Iâl

Collection Method: chance find
Date: 1982 / Jul / 14

Notes: Association of gold objects inside copper alloy (bronze) socketed axes is now known for three Late Bronze Age hoards in Wales, the other two being from Rossett, Wrexham, and Michaelston-super-Ely, Cardiff. The Michaelston-super-Ely hoard also contained a coiled gold bracelet. The metallurgical analysis of the gold objects indicates that the finger ingot and two bracelets in the Llanarmon-yn-Iâl hoard may have originated from the same batch of metal, with differences in composition resulting from poor mixing while casting.


Treasure trove, 28/10/1982


(): length / mm:16.2
(): width / mm:7.4
(): thickness / mm:6.8
(): minimum thickness / mm:0.8
(): thickness / mm
(): terminal width / mm:5.6
(): weight / g:2.9




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