Donating an object to Amgueddfa Cymru

Our collection contains many objects kindly donated by members of the public and we are always happy to discuss possible donations into our collections.

Our Collecting Policy

Our ‘Collection Development Strategy’ and ‘Collection Development Policy’ outline those areas in which we collect and details those items we are not able to accept. They take into consideration our resources to conserve, document and store items, so that we can preserve them for the future. It is also important that we do not duplicate material or accept objects that might be better placed elsewhere. In view of this, we are not able to accept everything that is offered to us. Copies of both documents can be found on our web site:

Collections Services

Where do I start?

If you have an item you think we would be interested in, please contact us and tell us about it. If you are able, we may ask you to bring the object for us to see. Please contact us in advance rather than turning up without an appointment. That way we can make sure there is someone here to talk to you and you will not have a wasted journey. Please do not send objects through the post or leave them at the Museum anonymously. Please note we do not give valuations of objects and only in exceptional circumstances are we able to purchase objects.

We cannot usually make an immediate decision about accepting an object. We like to keep the object for a short time to study more closely and make sure it fits in with our Collection Development Policy. We will issue you with a receipt called an ‘Object Entry Form’. This will record your details and basic information about the object you wish to donate. You will need to retain your copy so that you can collect your object when you return to the Museum.

If we decide to accept your object

If we decide we would like to accept your object into our collections we will ask you to sign a ‘Transfer of Title’ form. This form changes the ownership of the object from you to us permanently. This means that you cannot reclaim the object at a later date, although we are happy to arrange appointments with donors so that they can view their donations in the future. Where appropriate this form will also deal with the transfer of any copyright you hold in the object, allowing the Museum to use images or copies for a range of purposes including exhibitions, books and the internet.

Sometimes we may ask if you are willing to donate your object into our ‘support collections’. Our support collections include handling collections for educational purposes and objects used for outfitting the houses at St Fagans. They are an essential part of bringing history to life and will be enjoyed by many people. However, wear and tear may eventually damage them and they may no longer be used.

When will it go on display?

It is very unlikely that your object will be put on display straight away. The Museum cares for millions of objects, and displays are planned many years in advance. Your object will be carefully documented and stored, made available for research, study and education purposes, and may be included in future displays if appropriate.

If we do not accept your object

It may be that for a variety of reasons we cannot accept your offer. Please do not be offended. Our staff will be able to advise you if there are other Museums who might be interested in your object and we are always grateful that you considered donating to the Museum.