Palaeontology: Holotypes & Lectotypes

Diplopteridium teilianum

(Kidston) 1889
Accession number: NMW 86.8G.1 a
Collection: Holotypes
Taxonomy: Plantae, Tracheophyta
Chronostratigraphy: PALAEOZOIC , CARBONIFEROUS , Dinantian , Viséan Series , Brigantian Stage
Lithostratigraphy: Teilia Beds
Locality: ../.. , Europe , United Kingdom , Wales , Flintshire
Diplopteridium teilianum
Diplopteridium teilianum
  • Kidston, R. 1889, On some fossil plants from Teilia Quarry, Gwaenysgor, near Prestatyn, Flintshire. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 35, 419-28, 2 pls., Type reference, p.424, pl.1, fig.3 as Sphenopteris teiliana.
  • Kidston, R. 1923, Fossil plants of the Carboniferous rocks of Great Britain. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, Palaeontology, Volume II, part 1, 1-110, pls 1-22. pls.
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