Palaeontology: Holotypes & Lectotypes

Syringothyris principalis

North 1920
Accession number: NMW 20.474.G2
Collection: Holotypes
Taxonomy: Brachiopoda, Calciata: Articulata
Chronostratigraphy: PALAEOZOIC , CARBONIFEROUS , Dinantian, Courceyan Stage, K2.
Locality: ../.. , Europe , United Kingdom , England , Hereford & Worcester
Syringothyris principalis
Syringothyris principalis
  • On Syringothyris Winchell, and certain Carboniferous Brachiopoda referred to Spiriferina D'Orbigny. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, 76, 162-227, pls 11-13, Type reference, p.182, pl.11, fig.2.