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artist unknown

Date: 1904-1917

Media: mixed media

Size: 586 x 390 mm

Acquired: 1996; Bequest

Accession Number: 1996.70/2


György ÁKOS
21 January 2022, 11:01
I would like to congrautlate on your Internet page with excellent ship depictions. I only wish the pictures would have a higher resolution to enjoy them better.

Regarding the depiction of the SS W. I. RADCLIFFE I am sure it was made by one of the Luzzo family from Venice. In particular, I think it was made by Antonio Luzzo (Venice-Genoa 1855-1907). He has some similar paintings of ships in storm. In the painitng of the Brtitish tree mast schooner JANIGOUCH the redemption of the waves is very similar. (I can send a copy if you like).

I am researching Austrian and Austro-Hungarian sailing vessels, and I was looking for a depiction of the full rigged ship ISLE OF ANGLESEY (1872) which later became the Austro-Hungarian bark DRINA. I came upon your page because of the depiction of the SS ISLE OF ANGLESEY. This is of course an other vessel, a steamship. I would still be grateful if you could send me higher resolution copy on it or, eventually, on the sailing vesssel ISLE OF ANGLESEY if you konw of any.

With compliments

György ÁKOS, Budapest
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