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Crockherbtown, 1840

artist unknown

Crockherbtown, 1840

Date: circa 1840

Media: print on paper

Size: 200 x 204 mm

Acquired: 1984; Gift

Accession Number: 84.167I/54


A/Prof. Richard Ollerton
22 January 2019, 06:09
The date of 1840 is suspect as:
- The style of clothing illustrated suggests a later Victorian era date.
- The Theatre Royal was built c.1826 and burned down in 1877, only afterwards becoming known as the Old Theatre.
- The house shown was known as Bradley House. Maps indicate there was a building on the site from at least the late 1830s but Bradley House was a surgeon’s residence only around 1861 (census and directory records). William Fowler lived there from c.1865 to 1876 but was not a doctor (directory and burial records).

Nevertheless, the scene remained generally the same as illustrated for at least some forty years up to 1877.

Richard Ollerton
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