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Lamp Check, Glyncorrwg Colliey

manufacturer unknown

Lamp Check, Glyncorrwg Colliey
Lamp Check, Glyncorrwg Colliey

Date: post 1947

Media: brass

Size: diameter 39 mm

Acquired: 1971; Found in collection

Accession Number: 71.9I/3


Kevin Price
10 August 2013, 13:02
Hello I have a Glyncorrwg Brass Lamp Check No 283 Area 2 only mine has Two holes in it, I have read that the possibilities are....
I don't know if other mines had the same system, but at South Pit, Glyncorrwg,
the checks had 1, 2 or 3 holes in them,I don't remember exactly which was which,
but, say 1 hole was for colliers, 2 holes was for other face workers & 3 holes was for daywage workers.
This enabled tge lamp room man to separate them out quickly & give the overman an exact
breakdown of workers on his shift. Simple but effective.
Would you be able to elaborate on this.

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