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Deep Navigation Mine Centenary Medal 1879-1979

manufacturer unknown

Date: 1979

Media: metal

Size: diameter 39 mm

Acquired: 1980; Gift

Accession Number: 80.3I/1

Gilt metal medallion commemorating the centenary of Deep Navigation Mine, Treharris, 1879-1979.
One side shows a miner in 1879 and the other side shows a miner in 1979.

There are four other examples of this medal in the collection: 80.3I/2, 1998.249/1, 1998.252/1, 2001.1/40


L Evans
6 September 2017, 00:45
I also have a Centenary coin.xx
Amgueddfa Cymru
3 May 2016, 14:35
Dear R G Williams, Thank you for your comment,
This commemorative medal was produced in 1979, and as far as we are aware would have been given to every miner working at Deep Navigation Colliery. In 1979 that would have been about 600 people. The Museum is unable to give valuations to any objects, and would suggest that you contact an independent valuer or auction house to do this.
R G Williams
30 April 2016, 14:21
i have recently received this centenary coin after my late father just would like to know how many of these coins were given to miners and has it got any value

Thank you

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