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15-ton block of coal at Bedwellty Park

photographer - National Museum of Wales

15-ton block of coal at Bedwellty Park.

Date: 1980s

Media: transparency

Size: 51 x 51 mm

Acquired: 2014

Accession Number: 2014.20

This large, 15-ton piece of coal is now located at Bedwellty Park, Tredegar, and is Grade II listed. It was cut at the Yard Level, Tredegar as a single block with the intention to display it at the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was originally 20 tons; however, after a 5-ton piece broke away in transportation it was decided not to transport it to London as it might not survive the journey. It was subsequently set up in the grounds of Bedwellty House. The smaller block of 2 tons (to the left) was cut in 1951 from the same seam as the earlier one. It was exhibited at the Festival of Britain in London, before being placed next to the earlier block in Bedwellty Park.

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Alyson Tippings
9 February 2022, 15:28
The two blocks of coal came from different levels. The large block came from the Yard Level. This level was entered from the yard of Tredegar Ironworks. The Yard Coal Level, opened in 1802, was one of the principal levels supplying coal to the Tredegar Ironworks. The level closed in 1873 and its life-span parallels the early years of Tredegar as an ironmaking town. The entrance is still visible today to the side of the mini roundabout at the entrance to the town car park. The hewer (digger) of the coal was known as ‘John Jones, Coliar Mawr'.
The second block of coal was cut out from the level at the top of Sirhowy.
Michael Yates
26 December 2021, 10:43
It was an adit mine so was easier to get out on truck that up a shaft
tracey peddle
29 December 2020, 00:49
I would like Help to get something to say the Names of the Men that brought out this Coal...... My Grandad was Born and Raised in Tredegar. His Father was 1 of the Men that pulled this out. I like for My Mother Irene Matthews to have some form of this. She is 82, Her Grandfather was William George Matthews.
2 June 2020, 17:06
My father took the coal to London for the festival of Britain
Graham Davies
17 September 2015, 10:08
Dear Dawn,
Many thanks for your comment, it has been passed to the relevant curator who should be able to help answer your enquiry.
Many thanks,
Graham Davies
Digital Team
Dawn Ashford-Williams
15 September 2015, 23:12
hi, I'm currently doing some research on a similarly large piece of coal and was wondering if you know how such a large piece would have been manoeuvred out of the pit and lifted onto a train? Any information you'd be willing to give me would be greatly appreciated , thank you
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