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#lambcam 2018 will be going live on 1 March 2018 - See you on St David's Day!

11 days...
Lambcam 2017

Lambing is an exciting and unpredictable business with plenty of highs and a few inevitable lows. As well as checking up on our girls here, you can read the lambcam blog, or follow the hash tags #lambcam #sgrinwyna on Twitter - We'll be posting news and updates on our mums and babies. There's also a gallery of highlights from the shed.

If you're planning to visit us here at St Fagans, go to our What's On pages for more details.

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Highlights from the shed:

No. Date Duration
1 Triple One 14/03/2017 03:21
2 Triplet Two 14/03/2017 04:49
3 Triplet and then there were Three 14/03/2017 01:24

Lambcam Blog:

8 February 2018, #lambcam FAQs
17 March 2017, Voices from the Archives: Lambing in Pembrokeshire, 1984
29 March 2016, Lambcam 2016 – the final countdown
20 March 2016, Voices from the archive – Remembering Lambing Time
13 March 2016, A guide to lamb presentation - aka ‘what’s going on in there?’


Kriss Galloway
29 March 2017, 18:11
Absolutely loved checking in on the LambCam this season - from all the way "across the pond" - during my lunch breaks. We're looking forward to visiting St. Fagan's in early June during our holiday to the UK! See you soon!
Sandra H-T
22 March 2017, 09:19
Thankyou so much for setting up a webcam I have been totally addicted to watching (was disappointed this morning to see lambing had finished). Looking forward to watching again next year. Well done to the hardworking staff.
Lisa williams 2017
21 March 2017, 17:51
Lucky to visit last weekend . Wow what a wonderful number of lambs this year ! Was totally addicted to lamb cam again .... love it x well done and thanks to Emma and the team for a safe lambing season until next year x
18 March 2017, 20:18
My fiancé and I were so fortunate today to witness so many new born lambs and doting mothers! We were even lucky enough to witness a birth whilst we were there - black twin Ram lambs! The shepherdess on duty who delivered the lambs was amazing, she was very informative and was so calm and gentle with the ewes and lambs. Can't wait to come and visit them again in a few weeks
Karen White
11 March 2017, 18:37
A massive thank you to Emma for today. We were Iucky enough witness emma deliver twins -boy and girl! We then watched her ring the lambs and shave the ewes feet ready for turning out in the field tomorrow. Such a wonderful experience as we've only witnessed the births via lambcam. Emma your a fantastic shepherd and was lovely chatting with you. My son has enjoyed a rare experience and thoroughly enjoyed. Good luck with youyr own lambing/calving. Thanks again was a delight! Karen +Alfie Tonyrefail
Bernice Parker
9 March 2017, 10:12
Hi Karen - that's fantastic news! So glad your patience has been rewarded.
Karen White
5 March 2017, 20:08
Yay ! My 6 year old son has witnessed his first lamb being born which in turn,turned out to be twins :-) the first births we've seen for 2017. We were then lucky enough to see the fantastic work of of the shepherd. She helped deliver 2 black twins as the ewe was having difficulty. I watched with one eye closed as it took the shepherd a while to get the 2nd twin out. Well done 'shepherd or is it shepherdess' she did an amazing job. We will be visiting next Saturday so so let's hope we witness a birth in person. I love the lamb cam and it's very addictive :-) congratulations to all the shepherds for your continual hard work! Karen and Alfie (aged 6) x
Lisa Williams
29 March 2016, 11:09
Thank you so much for lamb cam . I ve loved watching it and encouraged me to visit the lambs I have seen delivered . Thank you also to Emma and the farming team who have worked so hard this lambing season .. Until next year ...
Hattie lawrence
28 March 2016, 19:39
I saw the babies ahhhhhhhhhhhh and hi Lois
Brooke white
25 March 2016, 20:49
Hi I went here on Monday to st . Fagans and I seen a sheep giving birth to 2 boys and it was so cute. I went with my school ysgol-y-graig and had lots of fun, thanks

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