Lambcam: Lambcam


Lambing at St Fagans has finished for another year.

Lambcam 2017

We hope you have enjoyed sharing our lambing season with us - hope to see you again in 2018 Lambcam-ers!

Lambing is an exciting and unpredictable business with plenty of highs and a few inevitable lows. As well as checking up on our girls here, you can read the lambcam blog, or follow the hash tags #lambcam #sgrinwyna on Twitter - We'll be posting news and updates on our mums and babies. There's also a gallery of highlights from the shed.

If you're planning to visit us here at St Fagans, go to our What's On pages for more details.

Highlights from the shed:

No. Date Duration
1 Triple One 14/03/2017 03:21
2 Triplet Two 14/03/2017 04:49
3 Triplet and then there were Three 14/03/2017 01:24

Lambcam Blog:

17 March 2017, Voices from the Archives: Lambing in Pembrokeshire, 1984
29 March 2016, Lambcam 2016 – the final countdown
20 March 2016, Voices from the archive – Remembering Lambing Time
13 March 2016, A guide to lamb presentation - aka ‘what’s going on in there?’
18 February 2016, #lambcam 2016


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