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Lambcam is brought to you by a small but dedicated team. Once things get going there are experienced staff on hand during the day and through the night. As well as the area you can see on camera, there are separate nursery sheds for the ewes and their lambs. The team will always assess the needs of the whole flock and prioritise the most vulnerable. A very sick newborn lamb that needs tube feeding may be taking precedence over a ewe in labour. Remember that there may be a staff member just out of shot watching on.

More answers on the #lambcam FAQs blog

Lambcam 2021

Warning! counting sheep may cause drowsiness.
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Lambing is an exciting and unpredictable business with plenty of highs and a few inevitable lows. As well as checking up on our girls here, you can read the lambcam blog, or follow the hash tags #lambcam #sgrinwyna on Twitter - We'll be posting news and updates on our mums and babies. There's also a gallery of highlights from the shed.

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Highlights from the shed:

No. Date Duration
1 Cleaning New Babies 28/02/2021 03:21
2 New Family 27/02/2021 01:26
3 2 at a time 26/02/2021 04:26
4 Night Vision Lambing 25/02/2021 06:33
5 First Twins 2021 25/02/2021 05:12
6 Second Lamb 2021 24/02/2021 03:48
7 Lambing Day Course 2020 13/03/2020 02:06
8 Radnor twins (Part 1) 13/03/2020 02:39

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Bernice Parker Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
4 March 2021, 08:26

Good Morning Lambcammers
Alison: The blue strap ewes are wearing uterine prolapse retainer harnesses. Fuller explanation here

Belle: Thank you – we love that so many people check in every day to see how we’re getting on!

Sue: You may see ewes that are not keen to let their lambs feed. They are mostly first time lambers who are not quite sure what to do. This usually resolves itself with a couple of days in a nursery pen getting to know each other.
Regarding stillborns – I would guess a very small handful each year. You might be interested in this blog from 2016 that details the losses from that year (with causes). We have more sheep now, but the principles still apply.
Lambs that get hand reared are mostly from 3 categories:
• The weakest of triplets, where the other two get all the ewe’s milk
• Lambs whose mothers aren’t producing enough milk (could be due to mastitis or other reasons)
• Lambs who have had a very bad start, and needed tube feeding directly into their stomachs, usually wouldn’t go back to their mothers.

Alison Dickinson
3 March 2021, 17:52
Hi Bernice, I was with you last year on a lambing course. Such a shame we can’t make it there this year. One question, there is a ewe I have noticed that seems to have a blue strap on her back. Could you let me know what is this for, or am I not seeing correctly! Take care and stay safe. Hope we can pop down next year. Alison
3 March 2021, 17:08
My favorite time of year! Highlight of my day is checking lambcam during my lunch break and seeing the updates. Good luck with this year (hope you manage to get some sleep between births).
3 March 2021, 15:31
How many ewes do you get that aren't interested in their lambs. Are they then hand fed. On a not so happy note how many still born do you get. Your lamb cam is really interesting I'm loving it. Would love to visit you when restrictions allow
Bernice Parker Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
3 March 2021, 07:51

Hi Chloe

Lovely to hear from you - and good luck with your lambing too! We will look forward to seeing you and the family at the Museum again soon.

3 March 2021, 07:42

Hello Bernice! It's chloe that was on the lambing course last year with you, loving the lamb cam as we haven't officially started lambing yet, but have had a few early ones. Including a set of twins at the end of January:O
Gutted we can't come down to visit, my little boy would love it! Hope your all keeping well, and that lambing will be a good one for you

Bernice Parker Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
3 March 2021, 07:41

Hi Sue

The pregnant ewes are all scanned around Christmas time and marked up according to what they are having. One red dot on their backs = twins, two red dots = triplets, no red dot = single lamb. The ewes in the main shed are all expecting twins or triplets, the ones in the shed across the track are all having singles.
Regarding fleece colour. If the lamb is from two same breed parents it will have their characteristics eg Black Welsh Mountain - black fleece, Llanwennog - white fleece + black face/legs, Hill Radnor - white fleece + tan face and legs. If the lamb is a hybrid - it could be any combo of its parents genes
The blue straps are uterine prolapse retainer harnesses. (Check out the Lambcam 2021 FAQs blog on this page for a fuller explanation)

2 March 2021, 20:41

Do you know which ewes are having twins. Do black or brown sheep have white lambs and vice versa. What do the large blue lines on the ewes mean

Bernice Parker Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
2 March 2021, 10:57

Good Morning Linda and Sue
Linda: So glad that you're enjoying Lambcam again this year - so much has happened since last time!!!

There were a couple of very long labours in the shed yesterday. But I have checked with the farm team this morning and am happy to report that all the ewes and lambs from yesterday are doing okay - and feeling much better after a bit of tlc in the nursery sheds overnight.

Sue: Welcome aboard - we hope this is helpful and enjoyable for aspiring vets and virtual shepherds alike!

We have approx 250 breeding ewes. About 200 from 3 pedigree breeds with accompanying rams - and about 50 hybrids with a commercial Texel x ram. The boys go in with the girls at the beginning of October for lambing approx beginning of March

2 March 2021, 09:50

Thanks so much for showing the lamb cam. I read about it from Waitrose. Watching it is addictive and surprisingly therapeutic. My daughter has started vet school and will be helping out with lambing later in the month. How many ewes do you have on your farm. Are they all artificially inseminated. How long are they pregnant for.

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