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Lambcam 2021 has finished for this year. We’ve welcomed nearly 220 lambs into the world so far and there’ s about 130 more to come.

We hope that you have enjoyed sharing this special time with us and can’t wait to welcome visitors back into our Museums as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can help us improve Lambcam for next year by:

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  • Making a donation. We are a charity and every penny we raise supports our work with communities across Wales. (ref: Lambcam 2021)

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Highlights from the shed:

No. Date Duration
1 First Steps and Twin 01/03/2021 04:00
2 Twin 1 & 2 birth 02/03/2020 05:20
3 First Steps 01/03/2020 00:48
4 Night Lambing 02/03/2020 04:26
5 Cleaning New Babies 28/02/2021 03:21
6 New Family 27/02/2021 01:26
7 2 at a time 26/02/2021 04:26
8 Night Vision Lambing 25/02/2021 06:33

Lambcam Blog:

26 February 2021, Wales' First Farmers
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26 March 2018, Voices from the Archives: Lambing in the Black Mountains


15 March 2021, 09:06

Thank you Waitrose for writing about this, I am only down the road and never knew about it. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this it was so captivating. Fingers crossed the country will be in a better place for next year and can go there in person. Just wanted to say well done to all involved. ?? WELL DONE ??

14 March 2021, 20:09
Thank you and see you next year!
14 March 2021, 19:14
This is my first year for lambcam and certainly not my last. Thanks so much for sharing and your amazing staff/helpers such dedication. All good things come to an end far too early-looking forward to next year. Have an amazing year all xxx thanks so much
14 March 2021, 18:22
Thanks to Waitrose Weekend newspaper for the link!
14 March 2021, 16:59
Usually we try and pop along to watch live in person. As that hasn't been possible this year we've had Lamb cam on... A LOT! Thank you SO much everyone for all your work on the camera and with the sheep and lambs. It's been such a pleasure. I've even managed to get a couple of friends hooked! Watching the Six Nations rugby this year was even more fun, as the rugby was on the TV and the Lamb cam was on the Tablet..It's so addictive!!
Hope to come visit again next year. Meanwhile, good luck and thank you again.
14 March 2021, 16:00
Thank you to all at St Fagans for sharing this fantastic event with us. I wasn't aware of it before but I will certainly be glued every year from now. Such a shame that it ends today :( What will I waste my time watching now!! The lambs are addictive and watching them literally springing around the pen is so cute. My granddaughters have loved watching the lambs being born, even if the reaction was "yuk"" and then for them to see the lambs in the pen the last couple of days has been very enjoyable.
I can't wait for these restrictions to be lifted and we will be able to visit you in person.
Have a great year and see you next year :)
Bernice Parker Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
14 March 2021, 10:49

Morning Lambcammers

Hoping for an action packed final day! Thank you all so much for your interest in Lambcam 2021 - I know that the team read this page and all of us really appreciate your kind words and support.

Sue - this is Year 7 for the Lambcam project, so it has a long pre-pandemic history. But we are aware that it has been a welcome comfort and distraction during lockdown. Regarding the red vs blue numbering on the ewes and lambs. Red = twin families, Blue = single families, so we know how many we should be looking for in each group. (Triplets are red with a 'T')

14 March 2021, 10:03
Thank you so much for streaming lamb cam. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching. What am I going to watch now whilst at work. Such a good thing to see during these strange times. Bernice, thank you for being so informative. It's great to see the lambs bouncing around. Really hope I can visit you fairly soon. One final question. Why are some numbered in blue and some in red. Do you stream lamb cam every year even in normal years. Thanks again to the whole team. You've all been brilliant
13 March 2021, 23:21

This was amazing, We loved every second of it. Well done to all you are fab and i hope all them little lambs and sheep keep fit and well. Love from North Yorkshire. nos da diolch xxxx

13 March 2021, 12:50
Hi everyone - It’s so sad that lambcam finishes tomorrow but I’ve loved watching it again this year. It’s so nice to see many more people are tuning in from around the world too.
I’d like to say a huge Thankyou to Bernice for keeping us updated and answering the many queries. Also Thankyou to all the hard working farm team who do such an amazing job not only during lambing season but all year round.
Thanks to all the others behind the scenes who make lambcam possible.
The final thanks goes to the ewes and lambs who have filled our hearts with such joy over the past 2 weeks, I’m sure I’m not the only one who will miss watching you all.
Hopefully covid will allow visits soon and I’ll be up there like a shot (as will many others too I’m sure).

Diolch yn fawr a bendigedig pawb
Sandi x

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