Contact Details

Jennifer Gallichan
National Museum Cardiff

Cathays Park
CF10 3NP

Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3217

Staff Name

Jennifer Gallichan

Job Title

Curator: Vertebrates

Areas of Responsibility:

Facilitate access to the Vertebrate collections covering collection enquiries, visitors, loans, and acquisitions. Research and interpretation of the collections through outreach, display, exhibition, and social media.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

BSc (Hons) Zoology; Member of Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA).

Research Interests

Principally focused on research of the vertebrate collections looking into their provenance and history. 



Vertebrate, collections, curation, taxonomy, systematics, historical, engagement.


Selected Publications

Rowson B., Ablett J., Gallichan J., Holmes A. M., Oliver P. G., Salvador A., Turner J. A., Wood H., Brown C., Gordon D., Hunter T., Machin R., Morgenroth H., Reilly, M. Petts R. & Sutcliffe R. 2018. Mollusca Types in Great Britain. Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales / Natural History Museum. Available online at 

Mortimer, K. & Wood, H. & Gallichan, J. (2016). A departmental face to social media: lessons learnt from promoting natural history collections at National Museum Cardiff. Journal of Natural Science Collections 3, 18-28.

Tattersfield, P., Rowson, B. & Gallichan, J. 2011. Bernard Verdcourt (1925-2011) – An Appreciation, Malacological Names and Bibliography. Journal of Conchology, 40 (6) 681-704.

Wood, H. & Gallichan, J. 2008. The new molluscan names of César-Marie-Felix Ancey including illustrations of type material from the National Museum of Wales. Studies in Biodiversity and Systematics of Terrestrial Organisms from the National Museum of Wales. Studies in Biodiversity and Systematics from the National Museum of Wales. Biotir Reports 3, pp. i-iv, 1-162, 26 pls.

Holmes A.M., Gallichan J. & Wood, H. 2006. Coracuta obliquata n. gen. (Chaster, 1897) (Bivalvia: Montacutidae) – First British record for 100 years. Journal of Conchology ,39(2) 151-158.

Gallichan, J. 2005. Documenting the past: Further insights into the Tomlin archive. Mollusc World, 7, 12-13

Gallichan, J. 2003. Documenting the past: Insights into the Tomlin archive. Mollusc World, 3, 11.

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