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Event: St Fagans Castle Ghost Tours

St Fagans National Museum of History
Fully Booked
28 February 2024, 7pm
Cost £20
Suitability 12+
Booking www.darkwalestours.co.uk
St Fagans Castle

St Fagans Castle is a 16th Century manor house with foundations reaching back to the 13th Century that was donated to the people of Wales by the 3rd Earl of Plymouth in 1948.   

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Wednesday 28  - 7pm 

Over the years many strange things have been seen and heard within the walls of the castle. From lights turning on and off by themselves, to voices being heard singing and talking when no one is around, to sightings of children in the windows of areas closed off to the public, children reported to be wearing old fashioned clothes.


It is not just inside the castle where ghostly figures have been reported, through the lanes and paths we will be walking there have been sightings of strange figures in military uniforms and the constant sight of a lone man walking around the gardens.


Find out who these figures could be and what connections they have to this historic site on the St Fagans Castle Ghost Tour.

On this tour you will get exclusive night time access to the ground floor of St Fagans Castle where your guide will tell you stories of the history of St Fagans Castle and the ghostly phenomena experienced over the years.


This tour takes you into St Fagans Castle and its gardens. To explore the history and ghostly tales of the various historic buildings within St Fagans National Museum of History then please see the St Fagans Museum Ghost Tour


​There are no gimmicks or actors lined up to jump out on us and this is NOT a paranormal investigation, nor can we guarantee any ghostly phenomena will occur. We have faithfully researched the history of the buildings and the paranormal stories we tell you are true accounts of what the staff, visitors and guests on the tours have experienced at St Fagans over the years.

The tours are delivered by a partnership between St Fagans National Museum of History and Dark Wales Tours

Spaces are limited and all tickets must be purchased in advance.

Language: this tour will be held in English. If you would like to arrange a Welsh-language tour please contact Dark Wales Tours directly.

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