Amgueddfa Cymru belongs to everyone.

We truly believe this. We care for the national collections and we want you to be able to enjoy them, interact with them, visit our sites for events and exhibitions, and to make a place for Amgueddfa Cymru in your heart.

We have been working hard over the past few years to improve how our collections, staff, exhibitions and events represent our communities. Many of these projects are ongoing, and we look forward to sharing more information on these soon.

We want to work with the people of Wales to honestly reflect our nation’s stories. To find out how you can get involved, please get in touch

What are we doing?

Zero Racism Wales logo

We must all do more to stand up against racism in all its forms, we’re standing with Race Council Cymru in saying NO to racism in Wales

  • As an organisation, we’ve signed up to the zero-tolerance policy to racism in Wales and you can too. Find out more:
  • We are working with black communities across Wales to build trust and understanding, asking how to make working in the museum a viable option across the board for potential curators, conservators, designers, technicians, palaeontologists and more.
  • We are reviewing colonial and racist collections and interpretation with relevant community groups as an urgent priority.
  • We are actively collecting the histories, contemporary histories, material culture and art of black communities in Wales and looking at how we can review these collections to better reflect their true histories.
  • We are upskilling and educating our own staff in terms of intersectionality, BLM and black communities, including on the use of language and terminology. This includes Trustees, Friends, Patrons and Volunteers.
  • Equality and diversity is one of our top priorities and will remain so; we are committed to this work.

    Current projects include:

  • Decolonising the Collections is our ongoing project to re-look at our collections, the stories behind how they came to the museum, and how we share the tales of these objects with you. We’ve published our Decolonising Charter (PDF) which outlines how we will do more to uncover the hidden histories behind our collections.
  • Reframing Picton: Our exhibition to reinterpret the portrait of Sir Thomas Picton and to showcase new artistic work is open. Read a blog based on the opening of the exhibition here.
  • Launched our first digital arts magazine, Cynfas to promote the health and wellbeing of the people of Wales through arts and culture. This first edition focuses on Black History Month and is edited by Amgueddfa Cymru Producer, Umulkhayr Mohamed.
  • Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) youth group workshops to re-interpret three objects from the collection.
  • (Un)Seen (Un)Heard at National Museum Cardiff – Amgueddfa Cymru Producer Umulkhayr Mohamed leads re-display and re-interpretation of Goscombe John Rotunda gallery to highlight black representation and voices.
  • Developing relationship with Black Lives Matter Cardiff organisers to collect the experiences of now and the material culture of the Black Lives Matter movement in Wales.
  • We have recently accessioned a number of BLM placards and a set of digital images donated by a local student-photographer. The placards were collected from a BLM demonstration in June following a call-out from the stage from our Curator of Black History asking attendees to leave their placards at the end of the rally for the Museum to collect.