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For one week only, Key Stage Two pupils enjoyed the Walking with Romans session at the National Roman Legion Museum.

As well as their usual facilitated session with one of our Roman teachers, they were also taken on a tour of the Amphitheatre with a Roman guide.

Under the strict instructions of their new Roman leader, they learned how to march in the centre of the Amphitheatre. Once they had perfected their pace, a couple of the pupils even got the chance to run out as gladiators with their classmates cheering them on.

Every year, the most popular part of the session proves to be when the children learn how to charge as a unit, using their teachers as the target! 

The outdoor environment of the Amphitheatre and Barracks, steeped in rich and ancient history, continues to capture children’s attention more effectively than a standard classroom session.

This is a fantastic opportunity for learners to not only see the history around them, but to experience what it was like to be a part of it.

A recent study by HAPPEN Wales found that outdoor learning sessions like these provide “a variety of benefits for both the child and the teacher and for improving health, wellbeing, education and engagement in school.” So if schools are disappointed at missing out on our Walking with Romans week, we have another outdoor session on the horizon.

Starting on Monday 1st July and running until the end of term, schools can book in for our Roman Boot Camp. Pupils will hear about what the Romans looked for in a soldier, discover if they have what it takes to join the Roman army and even compete in teams to test their pace on the marching square! Email for booking information.

While the museum is still closed for essential maintenance, the National Roman Legion Museum’s education programme is still running successfully.

Focussing on Key Stage Two learning, the programme offers each school group a full day of activities - from exploring the ancient ruins of the Amphitheatre, Baths and Barracks, to trying on armour in our reconstructed Barrack Room and learning Latin in our iBook.

The National Roman Legion Museum will be reopening to the public in Autumn 2019 .

Kathryn O'Dobhain

Administration Officer

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