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VOLUNTEER BLOG: The Dutch Garden at St Fagans

Luciana Skidmore, Garden Trainee & Volunteer , 31 July 2019

If you stroll through St Fagans National Museum of History in August you will be exposed to an exuberant display of color, texture and fragrance at the Dutch Garden. Located at the parterre next to the Castle, this is one of the most beautiful historic gardens in Wales!

As you walk through the symmetrical paths you will find a variety of grasses such as the impressive gold Stipa gigantea, the bright green Sesleria autumnalis and the graceful Sporobulous heterolepis surrounding the Cherub statues. These all add texture and the dreamlike feel to the garden. There is also plenty of colour in a palette of purple, blue and red from flowers contrasted with the gold and bright green of grasses. You will notice the Verbena bonariensis with tall stems and clusters of purple miniature flowers, the vigorous blue Geranium Rosanne and the Helenium Moerheim Beauty with dark orange red flowers amongst a variety of Sedums and other cultivars.

I suggest that you visit this magnificent garden through different seasons of the year as it goes through a magical transformation.

This garden has changed a lot over the years. The most recent design was created by our talented Deputy Head Gardener Ceri Goring and maintained by a team of gifted gardeners and volunteers. This sustainable and drought tolerant garden has been carefully planned to withstand dry summer months, saving not only water but also the gardener’s hosing time.

If you walk around the fountain on a warm summer day your senses will be awakened by the fragrance of the lavender hedges, the buzzing of the pollinating bees, the tranquil sound of the cascading water and the impressive visual display of one of the most beautiful gardens in Wales.

Haf Neale

Volunteer and Placement Manager (Maternity Cover)


Dario gonzaga de oliveira
25 October 2019, 23:25
Meus parabéns pelo seu trabalho e de todos ai neste Museu, Espero visita-lo no próximo ano.
Kathleen Jones
7 August 2019, 21:49
As a member of The Friends of National Museum of Wales and its sponsoring of you Luciana,it is a pleasure to be involved, by proxy, with such a multi-sensual experience of delight the gardens are. A delight to all the senses. Well done!
Gwen Williams
7 August 2019, 13:26
The Friends of the Museum are absolutely delighted to sponsor Luciana. She came to meet us at the last Board of Trustees and was so enthusiastic about the gardens at St. Fagans and we instantly knew she would be an asset to the gardening team there. We really hope that this will be the beginning of a great career for her in something she obviously loves doing. Wishing you the very best of luck Luciana.
Nubia Boafo
6 August 2019, 18:58
What a lovely article! We have been visiting the Museum for a while now as it is so near to us. I particularly like the display of last summer and this current one. Loved the views of the castle at the back of the Stipa Gigantea grass. Many thanks to everyone who passionately os involved on the composition of this garden masterpiece :)
Dalva Amelia de Oliveira
6 August 2019, 17:55
I’m very interested to know this wonderful garden. Your descriptions of performance of the flowers in this time inspired me to visit Wales again, a lovely country, that I had pleasure to went two years ago. Sory for my poor English!

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