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A Window into the Industry Collections

Mark Etheridge, 1 November 2013

Hello, and welcome to the first blog entry on our Industrial collections. In this blog we aim to let you know about some of the interesting and varied objects that enter the museum collections via our Industrial sites. These include Big Pit National Coal Museum, Welsh Slate Museum and National Waterfront Museum, as well as the National Collections Centre. We collect in all fields of industrial and maritime history and we hope through this blog to tell you more about new collections as they come into the museum and how we look after them.

Recently a number of unusual items have come into the collection relating to the coal industry.

Promotional keyring by Phurnacite Coal Products Ltd. Showing 'Phurnacite Man' in the shape of a coal briquette with arms and legs. This dates from c.1980s.




Four golf balls sold during the 1984-85 Miners' Strike. These show caricatures of Margaret Thatcher, Neil Kinnock, Arthur Scargill and Norman Tebbit.



This is an example of a Terry towelling baby’s nappy sold in the canteens of the National Coal Board. They would have been sold along with towels and soap. This example was purchased from Cwm Colliery cokework's canteen in the mid-1970s. The soap is stamped P.H.B. which stands for Pit Head Baths.



Mark Etheridge

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Ceri Thompson Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales Staff
26 January 2021, 11:38
Dear Miss Musgrave,

The museum isn't permitted to provide monetary evaluations on objects. However, they often appear on eBay so you could check on there.

Best wishes

Ceri Thompson, Curator, Big Pit: National Coal Museum
Miss Musgrave
23 January 2021, 23:22
I have found one of the Phurnacite Keyrings in a clear out of items, are they worth anything?
Kind regards